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  • What do I need to use roqyBluetooth?

You need a jailbroken apple device (do not ask me what it is or how to do it, you can find all information on internet) and a bluetooth compatible GPS receiver (if you don’t have one, you can buy one everywhere, ebay, amazon etc. for less than 40$). See the compatible page for tested brands and models.

  • How do I install roqyBluetooth?

RoqyBluetooth is available on Cydia package managers. Search for roqyBT package name if you are using a 3.x OS, roqyBT4 for iOS4/5/6.x or roqyBT7 for iOS7+ (which includes roqyGPS module). rebooting your device after installation could help.

  • What is the difference between roqyBT and roqyBT(4/7) ?

roqyBT and roqyBT(4/7) are totally different.

roqyBT is a stand alone bluetooth stack, so you have to turn off official bluetooth to use it. You can not connect any other bluetooth device during GPS navigation. It only runs on OS 3.x.

roqyBT(4/7) is now integrated in the Apple bluetooth stack, so you can connect headset or audio car system at the same time using your GPS mouse !! It runs on iOS4/5/6/7.x.

  • What about 64-bit processors

roqyBT7 is compatible with 64-bit devices (iPhone 5S, iPad Air etc.).

  • What do I need to install to use roqyBluetooth?

RoqyBT dependencies are held by Cydia, don’t bother with that it’s automatic. You can also install SBSettings, for quick reconnection / disconnection to the latest connected device.



  • What is the license price ?

The license fee is 5 euros (+1 for taxes if you live in Europe). It allows me to continue the development while Apple is still updating its wonderful iOS quite quickly!!

  • How can I buy my license ?

You must buy the license from the iphone/iPod/iPad itself. You’ll need internet connexion.

Install roqyBT(4/7) on your device, and go to license page. Click on « buy my license button » and follow the instructions. Payment is done through Paypal payment page (secured). You can either use your Paypal account or directly your credit card from this page.

  • How long does it take to get the license confirmation ?

It’s immediate. If you did not received any confirmation email, don’t panic. Check your spam email box. Some email providers reject roqyBT emails but you can still activate your license without it (unless you are using iOS3.x!).

  • Will my license be valid for next updates?

Your license is valid for all the future updates.

  • How do I activate roqyBT (OS3.x)?

Please install first roqyBluetooth, then follow the steps from the graphical interface. it is located on the license manager (click on the red row)

  • How do I activate roqyBT4/7 (iOS4/5/6/7.x) ?

Just click on « check my license » button and enter your payment email address, validate. It’s done.

  • I lost my license. How can I get it again ?

OS3.x users : go to this page to retrieve your serial. It’s online and immediate.

OS4/5/6/7/8.x users: you can’t loose your license, just click on « check my license » and enter the correct email address.

  • I want to use it on my new device! Is it possible ?

Yes, install roqyBT on your new device, go to license page and click on « transfer my license » button. You’ll receive a confirmation email you can validate to activate this new device on your license. You can make 2 transfers max per license (ie. installations on 3 different devices).



  • Will it be compatible with the GPS device I already have?

Most of the available GPS modules are compatible. Please check the specifications of your device, it needs to be NMEA compatible.

OS3.x: Pin code (default used by roqy is 0000) can be configured in Config file (Edit or create /Users/Documents/roqyBT/Config file, add GPSpin=1234 for example).

OS4/5/6/7.x: pin code is configured in « configuration » page. !! Warning: MTK chipset based GPS needs the mtk button too be turned on

  • What is MTK button?

MTK GPS (Holux M-1000, Qstarz 1000 etc.) seems to be incompatible with Apple bluetooth stack. When MTK button is turned on, a patch is applied on the fly to make it compatible. If your GPS is not based on MTK chipset, don’t use this button.

  • What version of the OS is it compatible with?

I’m updating roqyBT to be compatible with all iOS versions available.

Please go to hardware compatibility page.
All jailbroken devices are supported! iPad is also supported!


  • How do I use it?


Turn on the bluetooth power, it will search for bluetooth devices.

Once found, press the cell with your GPS device, it starts the pairing process.

Once paired, you’ll jump to the GPS raw data page. You’ll see the GPS status.

You can then close the app and use any navigation software !!

To turn it off, just launch roqyBT4/7. Press the cell with your GPS name, it will disconnect it. Turn off the bluetooth.


Before using it, check:

  • The official bluetooth MUST be turned off.
  • You location service MUST be turned on.

Once your are ready, tap on roqyBT icon. The program starts automatically to scan for other bluetooth devices. Select your GPS once discovered.
You will see your position data. Fix type and satellites view availability depends on your GPS configuration. It can be configured with SirfDemo software.
Just close the application and launch your navigation GPS software. The bluetooth is still working on the background. Your navigation application will find a GPS!
Remember to come back after to roqyBT, disconnect your device and turn off roqybT to save battery!
How to use

Turn it off!

  • How do I use SBSettings roqyGPS button?

Be sure to have SBSettings installed. Then use roqyBT graphical app to connect to your GPS at least once. This to make roqy learn your GPS device. Then you are able to reconnect to the latest connected device by pressing the SBSettings button.

If you want to change to preferred device, just use again roqyBT app to connect to another device, roqyGPS button will then be used to connect to this new device!


Other questions

  • Where can I get more information about roqyBluetooth?

Contact support by email for any question.

  • Does it work with other bluetooth devices?

RoqyBT (OS3.x)  only works with GPS devices. It does not work at the same time with headset, car bluetooth system or Nike sensor for example.

roqyBT4/7 (iOS4/5/6/7/8.x) is working with any other bluetooth devices compatible with the official bluetooth. Use headset or car audio system at the same time. Use official interface to connect other devices. roqyBT(4/7) app is only there to get a connection with your GPS. It also brings new modules like OBD (On Board Diagnostic for cars internal computers) and HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) for sport apps.

  • How can I disable roqyBluetooth, I want to use my internal GPS !!?

It is done automatically by roqyBT when it detects that no external gps is connected. It gives back the hand to internal GPS!

If you really want to disable roqyBT, you can prevent it from loading with SBSettings:


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