There are now 2 versions of roqyBT:

  • roqyBT package for OS3.x users (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). GPS only support.
  • roqyBT4 package for iOS4/5/6 users (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). This new version brings compatibility with Apple bluetooth interface. This means that you can use your GPS at the same time with your bluetooth audio car system for example. RoqyBT4 app does not block other bluetooth connections as the roqyBT on OS3 version did.
  • roqyBT7 package is for iOS7/8 users. Same as roqyBT4, but supporting iOS7 and 8. The package is fully available on all devices and processors ranges (arm-64).



Main page (roqyBT, OS4)

scan for GPS or heart rate monitor

Watch raw data from your GPS (roqyBT4, OS4)

Shows your GPS raw data

Watch raw data from your HRM (roqyBT4, OS4)

show your heart rate

And then use any GPS, HRM and OBD applications such as Navigon, TomTom, Endomondo, Harry Laptimer etc. !

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