FAQ – roqyUSB


  • What is mass storage?

It’s a plug & play interface for storage disk. I allow you to plug a drive on a host computer and share (upload / download) any kind of document. See a flash drive key ? That is a mass storage drive.

  • What do I need to use roqyUSB?

A jailbroken iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad). Any iOS version is supported, from 4.2.1 up to the latest. Don’t ask me how to jailbreak, the Internet is your friend.

  • How do I install roqyUB?

Just jailbreak your iDevice, you’ll see a new app called Cydia. It’s a package manager. Download and install roqyUSB from there. If you don’t see it after a search, check you have modmyi apt repository.


  • What is the license price?

It’s 5 Euro (+1 for taxes if you live in Europe). It allows me to continue the development while Apple is still updating its wonderful iOS quite quickly!!

  • Is there a trial mode?

Yes, it allows you to use for free and without time limit roqyUSB with 128MB virtual drive.

  • How can I buy my license ?

You must buy the license from the iphone/iPod/iPad itself. You’ll need internet connexion.

Install roqyUSB on your device, and go to license page. Click on « buy my license button » and follow the instructions. Payment is done through Paypal payment page (secured). You can either use your Paypal account or directly your credit card from this page.

  • How long does it take to get the license confirmation ?

It’s immediate. If you did not received any confirmation email, don’t panic. Check your spam email box. Some email providers reject roqyUSB emails but you can activate your license without it.

  • I bough my license, now what?

Come back to your iDevice, launch roqyUSB and go to license page. Click on « activate my license » button. This will ask your registered payment email for confirmation and will activate the license for your device.

  • I have a license, I want to use it on another iDevice. Is it possible?

Yes, for up to 2 devices. Go and install roqyUSB on your new iDevice. In license page, click on « transfer my license » button. This will ask your to confirm your registered email, and will send you back a security email for confirmation. Check your spam box if not received. Follow the link in this email to confirm. Once confirmed, activate the license on your new iDevice!

  • I lost my license. How can I get it again ?

Nothing to loose there! It’s linked to your email address.


  • Can I install it on any iDevice?

Yes, any. Any iDevice and any iOS version (from 4.2.1 up to latest one).

  • Can  I use it with my Windows… Linux… MaxOS X… computer?

Yes. And more. Mass storage is standard within all major operating systems.

  • But it does not work on Windows ! I don’t see the mass storage!

If iTunes is installed, the driver prevent mass storage to load for the moment. I’m working on a workaround… You need to do the following:

  1. Plug your iDevice with mass storage activated.
  2. On Windows, open Device Manager, go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers, find Apple USB Mobile Device Driver.
  3. Right click on it and choose « update driver ». Choose « manually install driver », « select from list » and you’ll see 2 drivers, the Apple one and the USB Mass storage one.
  4. Choose the USB Mass storage one and continue.
  5. If the installation of the driver takes too long, disconnect your iDevice. The driver will be installed. Connect it again and you are done.

By doing this you will not be able to synch with iTunes. You’ll need to do thoses steps backwards to get iTunes synch again. I know, it’s not good …

Please contact the support by email if any trouble.


  • How I use roqyUSB?
  1. Create a virtual disk (you only need to do that once).
  2. Turn on the app switch to get mass storage.
  3. Wait for the reboot…
  4. Done!
  • What are the USB performances?

Apple kernel driver does not give full speed on usb, I don’t know why yet. I’m working on that, but it’s not so bad.

Benchmarks example:

iPod Touch 2G with iOS 4.2.1: around 1MB/s on write and 10MB/s on read. This is the worst case I’ve seen with slow hardware and old iOS.

iPhone 3GS with iOS 5.0.1: around 1.7MB/s on write, 60MB/s on read.

iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1: around 2.5MB/s on write, 90MB/s on read

It’s always going better with newer hardware and iOS!

  • Can I write on the virtual disk any documents?

Yes, it’s full FAT32 compatible drive.

  • Can I still synchronize with iTunes while using roqyUSB?


*: on Windows, yes if you are not using Windows+iTunes drivers modification trick…

  • Can iOS apps see and use data in the virtual disk?

No. Not yet maybe. The virtual disk is not seen by iOS apps. I think I’ll work with iFile creator or another solution to play music and videos from the virtual disk.


  • Did you work with USBDrive app/author?

No. I remember using this app in 2010. I never find it working well and miss the mass storage. So I wrote roqyUSB from scratch. It took me around 7 months.

  • Can I erase my virtual disk?

Yes. First turn off mass storage. In roqyUSB drive page, there is a button to erase it. Or use iFile and erase the drive file at /User/Documents/roqyUSB/

  • How does it work?

iOS has a PTP (picture transfer protocol) interface which is close to mass storage protocol. I just wrote a new daemon replacing the ptp daemon with my own mass storage driver.


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