roqyUSB(7) is an app (tweak) available on Cydia for jailbroken iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad). It enables USB mass storage with a dedicated disk partition. Use now your iDevice as a USB flash drive key and bring with you any documents you want to share!

roqyUSB - mass storage

roqyUSB – mass storage

Graphical interface

A dedicated GUI has been designed to turn on / off easily the USB mass storage feature on your iDevice

main view

main view

It provides end users with simple features to handle:

  • Activation / deactivation toggle
  • Virtual disk creation
  • License management

Activation swich

In order to get USB mass storage on your iDevice, simply turn on the switch. This will ask you for a device reboot as the operating system needs to be reconfigured (if I find another way to do, I’ll do it for sure!). Of course you’ll need to have created a virtual disk before.

Once USB mass storage activated, you will not be able to use PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) as it has been replaced by mass storage. You will still be able to synchronise with iTunes of course.

Simply switch off to come back to standard iDevice interfaces.

Virtual disk

In order to use roqyUSB and use a mass storage disk, you need to create a « virtual disk ». It’s a standard FAT32 .img file created on your user iDevice partition that will contain all data available through mass storage.

create a disk

create a disk

With the free trial mode, you have 128 MB free space to try the app. Once you bought the license you can create a disk with the size you want, from 128 MB up to full free space available! Remember that you need space for your mails, apps etc. so do not create a too big virtual disk!!

License manager

7 months of reverse engineering, debug, creation and tests to create the app, a little reward is nice to help me continue the work and keep it living! The license manager allows you to buy an app license (5 euro). License is linked to your iDevice and can be transferred  2 times on other devices. Buy it from the app itself, with standard Paypal interface (with account or with credit cards). Thanks for your support!

Compatible environments

I successfully tested roqyUSB on computers running:

  • MacOS X (from 10.6 to the lasted). Must work on any Apple OS!
  • Linux Ubuntu (latest). No issue with Linux!
  • Windows (XP to 8). *** Please read note below ***

Windows + iTunes note:

As usual with MS, standards are not respected and when iTunes is installed, the driver takes the hand over the USB interface and prevent the mass storage to load. I’m working on a workaround, but for the moment you’ll have to do manual driver switch by hand if you don’t see the mass storage:

  1. Plug your iDevice with mass storage activated.
  2. On Windows, open Device Manager, go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers, find Apple USB Mobile Device Driver.
  3. Right click on it and choose « update driver ». Choose « manually install driver », « select from list » and you’ll see 2 drivers, the Apple one and the USB Mass storage one.
  4. Choose the USB Mass storage one and continue.
  5. If the installation of the driver takes too long, disconnect your iDevice. The driver will be installed. Connect it again and you are done.

By doing this you will not be able to synch with iTunes. You’ll need to do thoses steps backwards to get iTunes synch again. I know, it’s not good …

Please contact the support by email if any trouble.

Compatible iDevices

roqyUSB has been tested on all iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) running iOS 4.2.1 up to the latest today (iOS 7.0.4)

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