roqyOBD is an addon (free) to roqyBT4 app. It adds support for any bluetooth OBD key for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Watch live informations from your car !!


Compatible devices:

  • PLX Kiwi bluetooth
  • OBDKey
  • Cheap eBay ELM327


roqyBT4 configuration for OBD


OBD server:

roqyOBD creates a tcp server with those parameters:


port: 35000

Configure your OBD favorite application to connect to this server.

Tested app:

  • Harry Laptimer: all app from Harry Laptimer will be compatible with roqyOBD (via customer server configuration).
  • Rev: Already working and compatible !!
  • DashCommand: compatible from version 2.8! Working great!!

Enjoy !



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