roqyBT4/7 features

Bluetooth GPS fully integrated

roqyBT4 is fully integrated into Apple iOS4/5/6.x products on all devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad). roqyBT7 is the same dedicated to iOS7/8+. Let’s call it roqyBT from here. It enhances the official bluetooth of your device and make it compatible with any Bluetooth GPS (NMEA standard). Once external Bluetooth GPS antenna paired, roqyBT app sends the GPS position to any other apps on your device requiring GPS position.

You can also use another phone (android, symbian etc.) with a specific app to turn it into a bluetooth GPS and get paired with your iDevice!

As roqyBT app is totally integrated into the iOS, it let you connect any other Bluetooth devices like headset or audio car system at the same time you use your Bluetooth GPS.

You can also install roqySPORT module to add heart rate monitors support!

All in one graphical interface

roqyBT graphical interface is designed to run on all devices. On iPod Touch or iPad, the graphical interface is adapted to your device !

Device scanner

The main button let you turn on / off your device bluetooth and start the devices scan. All devices found are shown on the list bellow. Select with your finger the GPS device you want to pair with your Apple Device.

iPod Touch / iPhone main screen:

iPod Touch / iPhone main screen

iPad main screen:

iPad main screen

Raw GPS information

Read all raw GPS information from your external Bluetooth antena once paired. GMT, latitude, longitude, satellites position, HDOP etc. are directly readable. On iPad interface, if you have an internet connection, you can see your position on a Google map.

When you can see that your GPS has a correct fix point, just close roqyBT app and launch your preferred navigation app or any other app, it will have a correct GPS position !! roqyBT is compatible with 1Hz, 5HZ and 10Hz GPS antenna for accurate position recording!

iPod Touch / iPhone GPS screen:

iPod Touch / iPhone GPS screen

iPad GPS screen:

iPad GPS screen

Configuration page

If necessary, go to configuration to setup a specific pin code according to your Bluetooth GPS antenna user manual (0000 by default for most GPS, could be 1234, 2003 or else).

For data loggers or any other devices based on MTK chipset (read your user manual specification for that), a « MTK button » is there compatibility as Apple interface is not compatible with those devices. Just turn it on if you use a device built with MTK chipset, roqyBT will make it compatible !

Turn on « automatic pairing » button to start bluetooth and pair automatically your GPS everytime your app requests GPS data! It will also turn it off once GPS is no more needed!

iPod Touch / iPhone configuration page

roqyBT4 configuration page

Configuration page

License manager

Go to the license manager to buy, transfer and activate your license on your device.

Quick GPS pairing

Use SBSettings button to quickly turn on bluetooth and get paired to the latest paired Bluetooth antenna by simply pressing roqyGPS4 SBsettings button !

SBSettings quick button

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