Compatible software

roqyGPS is compatible with all GPS applications you can found for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

  • TomTom
  • Navigon
  • iGO
  • Maps
  • Google Earth
  • Around me
  • and much more … !!

If you find an application which is not working with roqyGPS, tell us, we’ll update roqyGPS as soon as possible!

roqySPORT is tested with:

  • PulseZone
  • RunKeeper
  • Jogger Black
  • Kinetic Lite
  • Lyrfree
  • JoggyCoach free
  • runtatic
  • Endomondo
  • 321Run
  • … and more, as long as it supports ANT+ HRM !

If you find any incompatible app, tell us and we’ll add support for it soon!

roqyOBD is tested with:

  • Rev: totally compatible, working great !
  • DashCommand: compatible from version 2.8, working great!
  • Harry Laptimer: Harry is also updating all his apps to support OBD and custom server. Please check on his website.

Again, if you find any incompatible app, tell us and we’ll update roqyOBD to support it!


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