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roqyBT 2.1.0-1 available for tests

lundi, août 22nd, 2016


Pangu jailbreak is stable enough to allow me to update roqyBT. It’s now done, roqyBT-2.1.0-1 is available in the package directory for beta testers.

Please reboot after installation for tests.

I’m also studying roqyUSB, and why roqyBT sometimes get freezed on start up.

Enjoy !


roqySPORT7 1.4.5-1 release

samedi, avril 12th, 2014

Hi !

New roqySPORT 7 module for roqyBT7 is out today, waiting for modmyi repo to publish it. Sportive friends can now use roqyBT7 to get their heart beats with Zephyr and Polar bluetooth 2.0 belts and even get it into their favourite sport app like Endomondo and Runtastic PRO.

Have fun and happy training !!



roqySPORT 7 available for tests

dimanche, avril 6th, 2014


I figured out after too long how to bypass the sandbox in iOS7 to unable the HRM extension to communication with the bluetooth server.

roqyBT 7 has been updated also as needed, all available for tests here



roqyBT 7 on the way

mardi, décembre 31st, 2013


I’m building a full new package for iOS7 support as Apple introduced a lot of changes in this new release. The jailbreak allows me to study the new bluetooth heart of iOS.

I also need to get in touch with a new family of 64-bit devices as iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini 2 !

The good news is that I can port roqyBT to iOS7, but I’ll need some time.



roqySPORT4 1.3.0-1 submitted to Cydia

vendredi, février 22nd, 2013


New version of roqySPORT module to bring compatibility to the latests wahoo fitness API and all apps compatible with this environment.

So you can run again with your Zephyr or Polar bluetooth HRM and get it on any apps like runtastic or wahoofitness !

Just do it, run !! 😉