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roqyBT 2.2.0 available for tests

dimanche, octobre 2nd, 2016


New version available for tests (

  • iOS 8 back to work !
  • LE GPS sends correctly the course
  • Minor under the hood bugs killed

roqyBT and roqyOBD updated !

dimanche, septembre 4th, 2016


New versions roqyBT-2.1.1-1 and roqyOBD-1.4.1-1 available at for beta tests.

No more freeze at launch, more NMEA devices supported, quicker OBD… Only good things !



New LE GPS available on the App Store !

dimanche, septembre 4th, 2016


I updated LE GPS app, it’s now fully compatible with iOS 9.

Use LE GPS app on your iPhone to stream your GPS position to roqyBT over Bluetooth Low Energy ! You don’t need any NMEA device anymore!



roqyBT 2.1.0-1 available for tests

lundi, août 22nd, 2016


Pangu jailbreak is stable enough to allow me to update roqyBT. It’s now done, roqyBT-2.1.0-1 is available in the package directory for beta testers.

Please reboot after installation for tests.

I’m also studying roqyUSB, and why roqyBT sometimes get freezed on start up.

Enjoy !


roqyBT7 2.02-1 is out for tests

lundi, décembre 14th, 2015


New package version to kill a bug crashing roqyBT on iOS8.0 and 8.1.

roqyBT7 2.0.1 is out for tests

samedi, novembre 28th, 2015


After tones of tests, I’ve build a new package to support iOS9 and all its security / new features. Please give it a try and let me know!

Find the deb package here:

The interface is new, I rewrote from scratch. So bugs can hide somewhere.

The big new feature is that it now supports Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0 GPS, like my app LE GPS. No more need of a NMEA dongle!! Just use your iphone as  a GPS transmitter. More info here :


roqyBT7 2.0 beta

lundi, novembre 23rd, 2015

Hi !

roqyBT7 2.0 working on iOS 9 is available for beta test !

It’s here :

Happy test !



roqyBT7-1.8.0-1 available for tests

mardi, juillet 7th, 2015


roqyBT7 1.8.0 is now available for tests here :

This release makes iOS 8.3 and 8.4 compatible with your GPS ! It also includes some code refactor for better memory usage, and some minor bugs correction.


Let me know if it works for you !

Enjoy !


roqyBT7 1.7.0-3 released

lundi, décembre 15th, 2014


This new package has been validated by beta testers so it is now pushed to modmyi repo! It will be visible in a few hours!

Don’t forget to reboot your device after installation if you used TaiG jailbreak !


Now working on ODB, HRM and USB !

Have fun,


roqyBT7 1.7.0-1

dimanche, décembre 14th, 2014


Great news, after months of reverse engineering and dev, the iOS8 compatible version is now available for tests !!!

Find the package at

Let me know if all is ok, I’ll push it under Cydia (ModMyi) soon !


Have fun !