You want to connect your iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad to a bluetooth GPS device,  heart rate monitor or OBD key but it does not work?

You need to carry with you all your documents and share them on many computers like with a USB flash drive key?

Apple does not provide those functionalities by default, roqyBT and roqyUSB will help you!

What is roqyBT?

roqyBluetooth (aka roqyBT) is a complete bluetooth app to enhance the official bluetooth. Roqy team provides all the software components to connect your iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad to your devices:

  • roqyGPS (included in roqyBT app): connect a bluetooth GPS receiver and benefit from any navigation software!
  • roqySPORT (addon to roqyBT app, free): connect a bluetooth heart rate monitor and start your favorite training app!
  • roqyOBD (addon to roqyBT app, free): connect an OBD key and watch live data from your car network!

What is roqyUSB?

roqyUSB is an app that creates a USB mass storage interface (like a USB flash drive key) compatible with any computers. No need of iTunes to carry and share your files!

roqyBT and roqyUSB are available on Cydia package manager for jailbroken devices (ModMyI sources).

Cydia package manager

Have fun!


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